Adverbs qualify other parts of speech:

verbs: we finished it quickly
adjectives: we found the journey amazingly easy
other adverbs: we got there amazingly quickly

Have 2 main forms:

a) single words in their own right:

adverbs of degree: muy, bastante, mucho, poco
adverbs of time: ya (already), todovía (still, yet), pronto, tarde
adverbs of place: aquí, ahí,allí

b) those that are formed from adjectives, in English mostly formed by adding ‘ly’ to an adjective


Mostly formed by adding -mente to the feminine singular of the adjective

absoluto → absoluta → absolutamente absolutely
rápido → rápida → rápidamente quickly
regular → regularmente regularly
cortés cortésmente politely

When 2 or more conescutive adverbs only -mente applies to the last: lenta y cuidadosamente – slowly and carefully

Some phrases are used instead of words:

a menudo – often
muchas veces – often
en/por todas partes – everywhere
en cualquier parte – anywhere
en ninguna parte – nowhere
de prisa – quickly

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