I am looking at buying an Evoc bike travel bag to transport my bike to Italy this year and Spain next year.  This year I want to take my 26″ full suspension mountain bike whilst next year I want to take my 29er hard tail.  Whilst researching I found that bags manufactured after around 2011 can take the 29″ wheel without deflating or removing the tyres.  Not the end of the world, but an extra step to do at each end.

Bags manufactured after 2011 (or there abouts) have larger wheel pouches and will take the 29″ wheel with tyre without deflating.  So the crucial thing when buying a second hand bag if you want to fit a 29″ wheel (or plan to in the future) is to make sure you have a bag manufactured after 2011.  The way to tell (this was the hardest part to find out): if the ‘ev’ logo on the side of the bad is solid then it is the earlier type.  If it is hollow then it is the later type. Easy!

New type:

Evoc bag - new type

Old type:

Evoc bag - old type

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