A quick blog on what I had during the Corona virus outbreak. Maybe it was COVID-19, maybe it was just flu, but I’ve never had something quite like this, so I thought I’d just write up my experience here.

About me – I am 38, male, good health and fitness (a keen mountain biker, climber, runner), I eat a healthy vegetarian diet and have no underlying health issues and don’t usually catch whatever is floating around, or if I do, I have lower or shorter symptoms than most.

Day by Day Symptoms

Day 1 – Friday 20th March 2020

I was at work, and just towards the end of the day I started with a slight cough. I didn’t really think anything of it, just drank more water. By the evening the cough was persistent and dry. I kept feeling a prickle in my throat – a bit like what hayfever does to me when the pollen on trees comes out – around March, but this felt slightly different, but similar to that. I felt tired so had a very early night, and then started shivering in bed. I slept OK but for a long time -maybe ~10PM – 8AM without waking up, which is unusual for my normal 7-8 hour good night sleep requirements.

I called 111 in the afternoon of this day – they advised self quarantine and no need to visit a doctor or hospital at this point. I agree with this – I don’t think being around other ill people would be a particularly good idea, and if the symptoms do not worsen, then I would only be a burden on what is I can only imagine a slightly stretched health service.


Day 2 – Saturday 21st March 2020

I woke very very dehydrated. I guess I had been sweating a lot in the night, I certainly woke up very hot. Also had a weird kind of headache – not a normal one, but a dull one, almost as if my brain was swelling and too big for my skull (ha, yeah right – as if!); it was more like a pressure in my head. I had some energy that morning – I moved a gearbox around outside and swapped over a bell housing, but I noticed something wasn’t right – I was getting tired and exhausted very very quickly. After that work I had to go and sit down and started sweating. Then the sweats came full on – hot to cold, shivers to sweats.

I then spent most of the day on the sofa with just an occasional trip to the bathroom or kitchen. I tried watching films but just kept falling asleep. I had good appetite, so figured just keep eating healthy clean food – fresh vegetables, protein (eggs, cheese), a bit of pasta/rice, and drinking – drinking loads – my pea was nearly constantly dark yellow, no matter how much I drank it would almost get to the light colour, then next hour it was dark again. I felt dehydrated all day, no matter how much I drank.

After each sleep (maybe 4-5 times in that afternoon) when I awoke I felt energetic, I would get up and try and do something – I moved some racking around in the garage, but then it totally exhausted me, time for another sleep. After that I felt great again – I jacked up a car and started doing some light work on it, but soon just crashed in energy. I took another early night, I was in bed at 9.30PM.

The dry cough persisted all day and was exacerbated by any effort. my throat was constantly prickly. The aches started to come on in the afternoon – lightly at first, but by the evening they were strong and all over. Particularly in fingers, toes, ankles and wrists. I also developed a nasty taste in my mouth on Saturday evening – it was a foul, sour, metallic taste and no matter what I ate or drank or how many times I brushed my teeth it wouldn’t go.

Day 3 – Sunday 22nd March 2020

I woke up around 7AM, I didn’t wake all night but the symptoms persisted – strong fever and chills, sour taste, cough was there but lighter, but my chest was really tight, and the aching was stronger. I was also very down on energy – I had nothing this day. I tried to do some basic cleaning – I was done after just wiping the bathroom. I slept maybe another 4-5 times this day just on the sofa. Walking up the stairs to the bathroom was then enough to totally exhaust me.

Day 4 – Monday 23rd March 2020

Called in sick at work – I explained the symptoms and they were understanding and suggested self quarantine. I am already going stir crazy after 2 solid days on the sofa, so I hope to be able to do some work remotely later this week.

The symptoms mostly resume from the previous day – very tired, no energy, throat is still prickly, I still have the nasty sour taste in my mouth and when I catch my own breath it makes my own eyes water! But the cough has almost gone, and the fever is lesser extremes today – I think this part is reducing at last, so maybe I will start to pick up a bit now.

My smell has returned – for the first time since this started I could smell the air freshener in the bathroom and the smell of gearbox oil in the garage (aborted project at the start of day 2).

Current symptoms – ongoing, aches, slight fever, no energy, sour taste

Overall Conclusion

As I wasn’t tested, I can’t confirm if it was CORVID-19. If it is, where did I get it from? A visit in the previous week to a busy London climbing venue? Possibly. From my ex-wife who works in a prominent hospital with many diagnosed CORVID-19 cases, who had a very similar condition about 3 weeks ago? Quite likely, although hers turned into a more typical flu type symptoms and was never tested because the localised outbreak was unknown at the time. Maybe I just got a lighter version?

Whatever it was, it wasn’t a normal cold – I only blew my nose about 3 times, but my sinuses swelled up giving the blocked nose symptoms and I couldn’t smell a thing.

If this is CORVID-19, then luckily for me it wasn’t bad – I didn’t require hospital treatment, to see a doctor, and I didn’t even take any medication. The reason – I only had a small amount of paracetemol and a few flu/cold capsule, so I was saving them for when it became unbearable. Luckily it wasn’t too bad, just a few days of being a bit uncomfortable.

I hope for the majority of people these are the worst symptoms.

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