I’ve been quite interested in becoming more efficient in the use of energy.   Let me get this clear, I’m no tree hugger lentilist but am just interested in how I can save energy (and potentially money).  Not easy when you are surrounded by servers that need to be on 24/7 to provide various services but along with all the other electrical stuff you can find round our house I figured we must be wasteful somewhere.

Yesterday I ordered a PM230 power monitor form homeenergysaving.co.uk

(http://homeenergysaving.co.uk/brennenstuhl-pm230.html).  I’ll post up some results when I’ve had a play with what devices draw what.  Although they have a general list on their blog (http://www.homeenergysaving.co.uk/blog/2008-01-the-green-kitchen-the-year-of-the-fridge/) I’d like to see what various networking/computing devices and other electrical items pull.  Then look at a way of reducing them, somehow.

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