Possibly the cheapest mountain bike tyre repair you will come across – wet suit repair glue, duct tape, dental floss 😀

I recently bought some Nobby Nics for my MTB – I have done about 5 or 6 rides on them and they really bedded in nicely.   I noticed when I was getting the bike off the car rack that the rear had picked up a gash just under 1inch long on the sidewall, inline with the spoke direction.  I was a bit miffed as these weren’t cheap tyres, so I decided to try and fix it before chucking it out.

I read somewhere on the net about using wet suit repair glue  to try and repair the rubber.  My split had not penetrated the canvas, only the rubber, but none the less it was bulging when it was up to pressure (I guess ~35 PSI).  So I took the tyre off the rim and first of all I bonded the rubber back together with McNett wet suit repair glue.  I gave it quite a liberal spreading and left over night.  Next I use a strip of duct tape on the inside of the tire and I sewed it together with dental floss.  Why dental floss?  Because it is thicker and stronger than normal cotton thread.  I feared if it was too thin it might cut through the rubber when under pressure.  I put my finest haberdashery skills to the test, as master sewer of the house.  First I did some small stitches across the stitch, then I went back over with some wider stitches. I was slightly concerned the thread might cut the rubber when it was pumped up to presure and under flex, so I finished both sides with another liberal spreading of the wet suit repair glue.

I let dry overnight and then pumped it back up the next day – no bulge!  I have done 2 major rides on this repair and I am glad to report it has held out.  Your mileage may vary, but you will just have to make a judgement on if you think you can repair the tyre safely or not.  I would advise testing it with a short ride with increasing pressure when cornering, going over the rough stuff and jumping before launching into a full on race mood downhill descent as if it goes pop it won’t be pretty!

Mountain bike tyre repair

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