As I previously blogged about the announcement of a new Google Code custom firmware project for the Parrot Asteroid, not much had initially happened.  I checked back every now and again, and a few more users had registered, a few more replies to some of the topics appeared, but I admit, it almost looked like a lost hope. However, since my return from holiday I checked once more and shock – a new Home Launcher has been released (download here).  Although only a 2nd version release, so still beta it is already good progress over the standard launcher.  Immediately it is visually much better with the vertical jog dial scrolling the items and also it shows what the next/previous item is (a huge bug bear for me on the standard firmware).

Installation is dead easy – copy the .apk to an SD card, go to installer and install.  Press the Home button and it will ask if you want to make it the standard Home Launcher.

Reading some of the other posts by the developers it looks like good progress is being made on some of the other features, so this finally looks like it is getting off the ground and gaining some momentum.  It is still a shame that Parrot have pretty much abandoned any further development, so this looks like great news for us loyal users!

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