So very shortly in August I am due to become a new dad! We are both very excited and looking forward to starting a new chapter in our lives and have spent the last few weeks preparing the nursery. Being a very busy person with work leaves me with little spare time, so I have had to prioritise and schedule for ante-natal classes (I only attended the couple of most important and relevant ones) and trying to prepare for the change – researching products, reading books/on-line, preparing the nest, etc. My single piece of advice for any new fathers to be who lead equally busy lives with little spare time who need to research and learn about becoming a dad – avoid all of the generic “new parent” books which are too long, waffly, contain stories which often have little relevance or just list the plain obvious. If you are short on time you should really consider the book by Pocket Commando Dad: Advice for New Recruits to Fatherhood: From Birth to 12 Months. This is a great keep it simple book which has stood out for me in my search for preparation for new dads – keep it by the toilet and it will be read in a few days. It also looks like a pretty handy pocket size reference to keep with you at all times.

Chapters include:
• New Recruits: Surviving the first 24 hours
• Sleep and other Nocturnal Missions
• Call the Medic: Basic first aid and unit maintenance
• On Manoeuvres: Transporting the Troops
• Nutrition: An Army marches on its Stomach
• Morale: Commando Dad’s Secret Weapon

The book is all about applying military precision to parenting – in terms of being organised, prepared, and planning ahead, all while being the best dad you can be. It also features military terminology throughout, for example ‘flash to bang time’ (the time it takes dads to react to a situation), ‘squared away’ (everything organised and in the right place), ‘compassion fatigue’ (when tiredness makes you feel you have no compassion left. Dig deep).

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