Smoking on startup, poor mpg.  Read the fault codes with Carsoft:

4BC2 – Air mass meter

4BC7- Air mass meter

4BA0- Air mass meter

4222 Cylinder 2 : Activation interrupted

4242 Cylinder 4: Activation interrupted

4252 – Glow spark cylinder 5

I am currently trying with the MAF disconnected to see if it improves MPG.  3 failed glow plugs might explain the smokey start up!  Apparently they are also used when the engine is running.

A quick scour of the web and I was able to fill them all, bar the Activation Interrupted ones.

This post has a bit more information – calentadores – in Spanish means heaters.  So glow plugs again.

So I replaced the glow blugs.  Using a PDF on Beru’s website (they make the originals) they give the breakage torque, so using a torque wrench set below this I was able to get them all out successfuly, using plenty of plus gas.  No smoking / rough running at start up now 🙂