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Recently an article appeared in our local newspaper, the Bucks Free Press about a girl from Penn who climbed mount Everest and broke a world record to become the world’s youngest person to successfully meet the challenge.  Whilst this sounds like we should all celebrate that once again a human has done something great and pushed the boundaries even further, as at only 19 years old this is a hell of a personal achievement, there was something in the article that caught me eye:

The teen has described passing the bodies of four mountaineers who died whilst making the dangerous climb during a busy weather window.

Now I’m no climber if the stairs at home don’t count, but I couldn’t help but feel somewhat dismayed at the sentence quoted above.  So as a person, or a team of people climbing and passing dying mountaineers, should they have stopped and offered help, or is it ‘policy’ to only take care of yourself or your team?  Clearly reading the comments it has split opinion, but if that was me I certainly could not just carry on.  But perhaps in those conditions one does have to be so selfless for their own preservation?