A quick blog on what I had during the Corona virus outbreak. Maybe it was COVID-19, maybe it was just flu, but I’ve never had something quite like this, so I thought I’d just write up my experience here.

About me – I am 38, male, good health and fitness (a keen mountain biker, climber, runner), I eat a healthy vegetarian diet and have no underlying health issues and don’t usually catch whatever is floating around, or if I do, I have lower or shorter symptoms than most.

Day by Day Symptoms

Day 1 – Friday 20th March 2020

I was at work, and just towards the end of the day I started with a slight cough. I didn’t really think anything of it, just drank more water. By the evening the cough was persistent and dry. I kept feeling a prickle in my throat – a bit like what hayfever does to me when the pollen on trees comes out – around March, but this felt slightly different, but similar to that. I felt tired so had a very early night, and then started shivering in bed. I slept OK but for a long time -maybe ~10PM – 8AM without waking up, which is unusual for my normal 7-8 hour good night sleep requirements.

I called 111 in the afternoon of this day – they advised self quarantine and no need to visit a doctor or hospital at this point. I agree with this – I don’t think being around other ill people would be a particularly good idea, and if the symptoms do not worsen, then I would only be a burden on what is I can only imagine a slightly stretched health service.

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