This caught me out on a new install (yes it is probably in the documentation but I couldn’t find it) – in order to enable SSH2.0 on the MSR routers you have to register the unit under an HP Passport to activate the licence file to enable higher encryption.  Standard only allows 56-bit encryption so you would have to use SSHv1.  The process is easy:

Upload the activation key file to the storage media of the device through FTP or TFTP

tftp x.x.x.x get filename.ak

• Use the license activation-file install command in the user view to install the activation file: [HP]

license activation-file install flash:/CN33FTY00B2013073016084479426.ak

• Verify that the license is in use
• Execute the display license command in the user view and check the Current State field; if the state is “In use,” the
license is activated successfully and is being used:

display license flash:/license/CN33FTY00B2013073016084479426.ak

– Feature: StrongCryptography
– Product description: HP MSR High Encryption E-LTU
– Registered at: 2013-07-30 16:11:02
– License type: Permanent
– Current state: In use