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During our honeymoon we were walking back through Manhattan one night and hungry so I decided to try out a suitably close Qdoba Mexican Grill to our hotel (I think it was the one on 50th Street). I wasn’t really hungry enough for a full meal, so wanted something small to snack on.  Being a lover of Mexican food I examined the menu but nothing really caught my eye, so I decided to go for a tortilla shell filled with fresh salad, peppers, beans and rice – all for about $7 I think.  The shell was massive and the fillings were piled to the top.  Instantly I could tell the fillings looked fresh and as soon as we got back to our room the devouring began!  It was awesome, really fresh and tasty and probably quite healthy, especially compared to the tasty New York pizzas.  I had never heard of Qdoba before and assumed it was just an independent reastaurant, but when we were in Orlando I saw another.  So, back in England and a quick Google unfortunately reveals they are an American franchise company with nothing in the UK 🙁  Does anyone know of anything similar here??

Maybe we just don’t have enough Central and Southern American influence here to provide a large enough market, but as they can be enjoyed by everyone no matter what your food preferences it would make a great alternative to Subway etc.