PlusNet BT OpenReach Not Showing up

So we recently moved house and I wanted to move my FTTC/VDSL connection to the new property.  A quick call to PlusNet a week before our move date and a visit was scheduled for 10 days after we moved in.  Wow, this was impressive – a pretty smooth process (and I just wish the banks and solicitors were this easy to deal with), and even though 10 days in the new house with no internet access (mobile access is unusable with 1 bar of GPRS on a good day), I figured I would be busy sorting stuff with the new house anyway, so this didn’t concern me too much.  So the scheduled visit day came and passed with no visit from BT OpenReach.  Whilst highly annoyed at this, I can’t figure out out the most painful part:

1. Taking a day off work unpaid for BT OpenReach not to turn up with no cancellation notification.
2. Spending 40 minutes on hold to customer services to keep listening to the slightly patronising message about if i had internet access I could access the online portal. (I’m sure this is a joke done on purpose..)
3. After speaking to customer services who could offer no reason for the no show BT OpenReach engineer other than advising me BT have re-scheduled the visit for another 2 weeks away but have failed to inform, so a transfer to the provisioning team was necessary.  But it’s OK, they have a short telephone queue
4. Spending another 20-25 minutes on hold only to be disconnected by the person answering the phone or the phone system.
5. Spending another 45 minutes on hold back to customer services to be told the provisioning team have finished at 9pm.  I guess that’s why my call was answered at 9.05pm.  Call scheduled for 9.15AM the next morning with the provisioning team so I will be able to take the call. More »