It has been possible to use Vodafone wireleless on the London underground for some time and according to Vodafone’s info page your phone should connect automatically.  Mine didn’t and neither do many peoples on Vodafone’s support forum.

I hadn’t had the need to use WiFi on the underground as I only traveled very sporadically for work into London, but now I’m doing it daily I thought it would be useful. Well it would have been had it just connected automatically – it didn’t.  Vodafone’s suggestion for if it doesn’t automatically connect is to use the “Virgin Media” WiFi, which although it works it takes you to a captive portal page and requires you to sign in with your Vodafone user name and password.  That’s a bit rubbish as when passing on the tube you ate only stationary for about 20 seconds.
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Upgrade time is here at last! I knew what I wanted straight away – the flagship Android mobile, the Samsung Galaxy S3 in pebble blue.  Last time upgrade came round I opted for a SIM only deal with Vodafone for £15 a month with 300 minutes, 300 texts and 1GB data.  I was happy with my previous HTC Desire which has done amazingly well, and with the MildWild ROM it helped breathe a new sigh of life into it with every release.  But, I could not resist the amazing deal Vodafone offered me – 24 month contract, free mobile for £23 a month with unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 1 GB data.  As you can deduct from my SIM only contract I’m not a big texter or talker, but I like my data. More »