I wanted to find out what devices where on my network – wired or wireless.  More over I wanted something that I could acknowledge known hosts and then be alerted when a new or unknown host was found on my network.  I couldn’t find anything FOSS other than some expensive network scanning/management tools, so I set about creating my own using Powershell and NMap – Arp Scan Alert Rogue Hosts


Scans the defined network range using an ARP scan to identify hosts on the network.  For all found hosts the MAC address is checked against a text file known_hosts.txt for a match.  If it is found the description is displayed and the host is identified.  If the MAC address is not found, an email is sent to the configured email address and the MAC address, IP address and time is logged to the file unknown_hosts.txt.  The script repeats the scans at the configured interval.

Screen Shots

All hosts detected:

ARP Scan - All Hosts Recognised

Rogue host detected:

Rogue Host Detected

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