This is going to be a project – to get my Butler 4012 USB (previously used for Skype on my Server 2003 box),  SheevaPlug running Debian Squeeze and a command line version of a SIP client to work.

I like to make things easy…

This blog post seems to have covered almost what I am trying to achieve with his own rolled driver for the 4012, seeing as Butler don’t make one.

Looks like it will be a combination of linphone, botphone and a USB soundcard. Hmmm






This was easy but thought I’d type up a few notes.  Install Sipdroid from the market, press Menu, then Settings.  Choose Sip Account 1.  Authorization username is your 7 digit SIP ID as found in your Sipgate profile on the web page.  Password is also found there.  Server or Proxy should be set to  Domain/Username should be left blank.  Port should be 5060, protocol UDP.  Check use WLAN.  Press back, then go to Advanced, then check Use STUN Server.  Servername =  STUN Server Port = 10000

This works fine on my HTC Desire with Android 2.2. this setup works fine on my wireless network behind a NAT ADSL router with no additional ports to be opened required.