I got this error when trying to set up software RAID 0 on 2 different SATA drives.  I set the usual boot, swap partitions, created 2 x ext4’s, created the md0 array and then mounted it as /root.  Did the obligatory format and the install started…. but then errored at installing the base system (I forget the percentag with Insert Media 9.10_Karmic_Koala and the options were Media or OK (iirc).  Neither did anything, I couldn’t eject the DVD to ensure it was clean.

So I rebooted, wiped the DVD (it was clean anyway), and retried – same error.

I then rebooted, ran a media check just in case it didn’t burn correctly (it did pass a verify after burning), and the media check passed.  Just for fun I thought I’d try the install again – and it sailed straight through installing base.  Weird.

I was expecting it to be a bug in the installer and to copy the .iso to a USB drive, ctrl-alt-F2 the install and mount the iso as the cdrom just incase it didn’t get on with my drive (an LG something), but didn’t have to.

Bug on 9.04 here, may or may not be related: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8347533

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Type: sudo /etc/syslog.conf

Uncomment the line starting with cron.*

Type: sudo touch /var/log/cron.log
Type: sudo /etc/init.d/sysklogd restart
sudo /etc/init.d/cron restart


This caused me some headache last night.  I was trying to get the TV-out to work as the main monitor on a Compaq D510 with an MSI nVidia GF4 TI4200-TD.  Ubuntu picked the card up OK but I couldn’t get anything on the TV out to work.  I spent hours editing xorg.conf with no luck other than buggering up the main monitor settings.  I then found a post about removing everything nVidia related and reinstalling, which then allowed nvidia-settings to run (previously this was not found with 7.10 ubuntu so not installed with the default driver).

Then all of a sudden in the nvidia-settings there was an option for enabling tv out – it seems this must set the option on the card, as after a reboot it worked.

Next challenge was to get the TV as the main monitor.  It would be setup in classic 2 monitor mode with the main X window on the LCD and the TV as the secondary monitor.  I tried every setting of TwinVideo, Dual monitor etc and I could not get it to work.  In the end the fix was easy, and found purely by chance – remove the vga connector, then the TV acts as the main monitor.  It even posts to the TV as well.  Running 1024×768 in SD through S video was a bit hard to read the fonts – increased the size to 14 (or 16, I forget now) but now gives clear readable text, can even use it for browsing!

Next step will be to get a small form factor video card so I can shut the case, then a wireless keyb & mouse.  I’ll be setting up MythTV to help make it more girlfriend friendly.